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Ensure quality control and Environment


We strive to maintain quality standards by using specified and approved make of material, employing skilled and experienced manpower with project management skill and state of art technology to meet specific costumer’s requirements. Our procedure and practices are established to ensure quality control at all levels. We are committed continually improve quality of our products and provide continues training to manpower to enhanced to raise bars of quality standards. 


We are committed to provide safe and healthy working environment in accordance with all health and safety legislation. Our Working procedures are defined in way which promote and protect environment health and safety. We are committed to continuously enhance our Environment, Health and Safety standards. We will take following actions to improve on EHS standards:

  • Continuously improve our Environment Health and Safety performance by providing safe workplaces and products.
  • Educate, Motivate and engage our employees to contribute to our EHS commitments and to comply with policy.
  • Encourage and motivate our subcontractors and suppliers to follow EHS policy as we do.
  • Ensure prompt reporting any incident, adequate monitoring and measurement of our EHS performance and regularly provide assurance that our processes and management systems are working effectively.
  • Openly communicate our EHS performance and participate in external initiatives that improve our knowledge and performance.
  • Provide necessary facility to our workers to work with health environment.

Ensure quality control and Environment